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The order of Cars from Auctions of Japan

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About purchase of the car at auctions of Japan in the "Integra Motors" company


The order of the Car from auctions of Japan from the "Integra Motors" company for you:

If for you purchase of a car on a car market is too risk.

If you don't accept a price relation and qualities on cars at official dealers.

If at you the help of individuals in purchase of the car at an auction without any guarantees raises doubts.

Having used service of the order of the car from auctions of Japan from the "Integra Motors" company, you receive the desirable car in Khabarovsk in the shortest possible time and for reasonable price with preserving all possible guarantees at all stages of purchase and delivery.

You can study the Agreement of the Order of the Car that at the time of agreement signature all conditions of the order were known and clear to you in advance.

You can, also in advance, to study Statistics of Auction Sales for the last three months to trace emergence frequency at auctions of the cars suitable for you and to determine their average price of sale at auctions.

You can make not only aproximate calculation before the order of the car, but also the exact calculation of the guaranteed final cost of already purchased car further enshrined in the Agreement of the Order, having used the car cost Calculator.

The extensive experience of work of team of specialists of the "Integra Motors" company will allow you to save your time and money and to receive the ordered car quicker and cheaper, than at many other companies, and also will save you from all risks during execution of the order.

The scheme of the order of the car from auctions of Japan:

Agreements of the Order of the Car Purchase of a car at an auction Loading of a car on the ship to the RF Delivery of a car in Khabarovsk
Advance payment of 30 000 rubles Payment of auction value of the car and all Japanese expenses Payment of a customs duty Final payments for the car

Why it is favorable and convenient to order the car in the "Integra Motors" company:

1.The guarantee of safety of a car – At all stages of purchase and delivery of the car from an auction of Japan to Khabarovsk from the Integra Motors company guarantees safety of the car own means without involvement of insurance companies and without the additional commissions. In Khabarovsk the delivered car is accepted according to an auction paper, for discrepancy to which the Integra Motors company according to the Agreement of the Order is responsible.
2.The guarantee of delivery dates of a car – Throughout a way from the Japanese auction to Khabarovsk the car is under constant control of the checked partners, transportation companies thanks to what delivery dates up to 35 working days are guaranteed by the "Integra Motors" company according to the Agreement of the Order.
3.The car cost guarantee – Despite instability of currency rates, the "Integra Motors" company guarantees car cost according to the Agreement of the Order. You can expect the specific price of the car, and also have an opportunity to save if currency rates will decrease a car, rather settlement for delivery time.
4.The fixed commission of the company – the Size of the commission of the "Integra Motors" company is fairly specified in the Agreement of the Order from 15 000 rubles are also paid only after transfer of the car. The are no additional and hidden commissions.
5.Matching of the car and consultation is free – during search and before purchase of the car you have the right to remove the order and to terminate the Agreement. In this case you receive the made advance payment completely and directly, without any withheld means.
6.Car insurance and Car loans – you can order the car from auctions of Japan in the Car loan from partner bank on special conditions and on profitable rates without compulsory insurance on the C.I., having left the request for the credit at office of the "Integra Motors" company. And also after receipt of the ordered car you can insure it according to the CMTPL and the C.I. against the checked insurance companies directly at office of the "Integra Motors" company without queues and additional types of insurance.
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