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About car rental from the Integra Motors company

At the beginning of 2013 the automobile company of LLC Integra was organized also began the activity in the city of Khabarovsk, to the address Turgenev St., 73, office 5.

Car rental became the main area of work of the Integra Motors company. Also the Integra Motors company carries out activity in the field of acquisition and delivery of cars from auctions of Japan, agency activity in the field of car insurance of the CMTPL and the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE and car loans.

The starting park of cars consisted of only two cars of 2008 of release the House-keeper of a class.

From the very beginning of work the Integra Motors company does not stop but only accelerates the development in primary activity – car rental. Nearly an every year new offices and branches of the company, opening in other directions necessary for optimization of work of a hire of motor transport are opened. Were so open a service rack at the Khabarovsk Airport, branch in Blagoveshchensk, branch in. Vladivostok, Autotechnical center in Khabarovsk for service of rolling cars.

Today Integra Motors - more than 80 cars of all classes, the only Khabarovsk distribution company which is officially presented at the Khabarovsk Airport have in the park one of the largest companies in the field of car rental in Khabarovsk, and in all territory of the Far East, provides service of car rental on all region, even there where there are no branches of the company.

Why you choose car rental from Integra Motors:

1. The Toyota and Hyundai 2008-2018 cars with the right and left wheel. Movement on cars of the largest Japanese and South Korean carmakers, besides confidence and the status, will present you a lot of positive emotions. Far Easterners can enjoy habitual comfort and equipment of the Japanese cars with the right wheel, or to feel features of the new Toyota and Hyundai cars for the Russian market. Guests of our region can feel really the true Far East flavor and a sight of the Far East - the real Japanese cars with the right wheel, or to plunge into the habitual atmosphere of the new dealer Toyota car and Hyundai with the left wheel.

2. Affordable tariffs from 900 rubles a day and the acceptable deposits from 3000 rubles. The size of a tariff depends on model of the car and term of rent. At extension of term of rent and transition to the lowered tariff recalculation of all payment on the lowered tariff for all term of rent is made. Special conditions and tariffs on the Card of the Client of Integra Motors. The size of the deposit depends on model of the car and the territory of operation during rent.

3. Cars are presented in worthy complete sets. The refusal of the widespread rule of "the cheapest automobiles" for hire and preserving an available rate are caused only by care of comfort of the client. All cars in the «Integra Motors» company, are, perhaps, the best representatives of Toyota in the segments. And their worthy pickings with an expanded set of options won't leave you indifferent and will satisfy even the most exacting clients.

4. Cars in excellent technical condition. All cars in the park of the Integra Motors company were acquired without run across the Russian Federation, directly from auctions of Japan with estimates 4 - 4.5 points with run of 30 - 110 thousand km. the «Integra Motors» company and the checked automobile companies and also absolutely new at the official dealer of Toyota "Sammit Motors Khabarovsk" and official dealers of Hyundai in the Far East. All cars undergo regular maintenance and full diagnostics each 5-10 thousand km. a run in own Autotechnical center "Integra Motors", on authorized HUNDRED the «Integra Motors» company and in the official dealer centers. You can safely move on the city or make long-distance trips, without doubting serviceability of cars.

5. Wide choice of cars, more than 80 units. Cars are picked up so that to meet practically any your requirement not only for cost, but also for technical characteristics of the car. House-keeper class, Standard class and semi-commercial, Comfort class, Business class, Minivans and Minibuses, Crossovers and SUVs, Premium class. All cars in the park of the «Integra Motors» company were acquired especially for work only in a hire. Privately owned vehicles of the third parties in a hire are not used. Having chosen the suitable car, you will not see on a body of advertizing stickers (except a signature number frame of «Integra Motors») and will not meet in salon of individual home decoration.

6. All cars are insured on Comprehensive Insurance and the CMTPL. Despite availability of security complexes and satellite monitoring, all park of cars it is insured on the Comprehensive Insurance and the CMTPL, and absolutely officially as rent cars. In case of road accident you shouldn't suppress the lease fact from traffic police officers, average commissioners or representatives of insurance companies. You need to arrange road accident and your responsibility will be limited to limits of the introduced deposit, according to the agreement. This unique benefit and serious decrease in risks to the company and to clients that provided available price level and the size of deposits.

7. Hire is available across all Far East. Free delivery of cars is made office in the center of Khabarovsk and on a rack of service at the Khabarovsk Airport and also in branch in the center of Blagoveshchensk, and in branch on the embankment of Vladivostok. Such favorable location of offices will allow you to save time and money and to receive the car for rent in the most convenient for you the place without using service of exit delivery. You can not only make trips across all Far East on the leased car, but also accept and return the leased car in the different cities where there is a branch of the «Integra Motors» company absolutely free of charge. It is also possible to order for an extra charge delivery or return of the car in other city where there is no branch of the «Integra Motors» company. In all branches of the «Integra Motors» company across all territory of the Far East single "Khabarovsk" tariffs work.

8. Detailed contract and fast registration. The existing «Lease contract of the vehicle» not standard, is made in detail, and provides, perhaps, all possible situations on the road to the rent period. It is possible to reserve delivery of the car for concrete date in advance and remotely, having used online reservation. In case of providing all necessary documents beforehand, execution of the contract takes no more than 10 minutes.

9. Payment by way, convenient for you. You can pay service of a car rental with three methods in advance or on the place in any of offices and in case of exit delivery: Cash, money transfer on the card of Sberbank, the VISA & MasterCard card on the terminal of Sberbank. During the work with legal entities payment is possible also on the settlement account of the company with provision of all necessary reporting documents. Regardless of a payment method and work with legal entities all rates are invariable. The system of discounts and privileges according to the Card of the client of the «Integra Motors».

10. Faultless reputation of the Integra Motors company. In the «Integra Motors» company wasn't, no, and there will be no place to the deception, cunnings and frauds connected with unreasonable deduction of deposits, overestimate of rates and other for extraction of an excess profit. A main objective of the company – responsible provision of services of hire and lease of cars at the highest level on fair price. The auto park of the company constantly grows and is updated, customer service quality is constantly enhanced. Therefore having used lease of a car in the «Integra Motors» company you will be able quietly to advise it to the relatives, friends and partners. We won't bring you!
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